FOSDEM will be intense!

I mentioned that I'm helping to organize two DevRooms for FOSDEM 2012... And now I'm thrilled to announce the speakers and schedules for each have been posted on the FOSDEM website:

But, of course, there's more! There are main tracks, Lighting Talks, Stands, the Beer Event and the Keysigning. I want to see all my Java friends, Legal friends, Debian friends, and meet a whole new bunch of interesting hacker friends.

In a word... FOSDEM will be intense. It's crazy, busy, chaotic and charming. What's the big deal about Free Software? It's not about free beer... It's not about the most efficient means of software production... It's all about the people! See you there!

p.s. Ask me if you need help to get ready for the Keysigning (by Jan 29).