GPG Configuration on Windows for Secure Mail

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Generate a new GPG key

  1. In the command window generate a new GPG key
  2. Type gpg --gen-key
  3. Choose the type RSA (sign only)
  4. Choose size 4096
  5. Choose expiration key does not expire
  6. Enter your Real name: Foo Bar
  7. Enter your e-mail address:
  8. Select Okay and do some serious web surfing to keep your computer busy to create entropy while your key is generated!
  9. Guard your GPG passphrase carefully
  10. Your GPG key passphrase is like the password to your identity: take care in choosing a good password. It's actually better if it's not just one word, but a few words.
  11. Do not lose this passphrase: it is impossible for anyone to recover it.
  12. Make a note of your "Key ID"
  13. {x} Write down the 8 hexidecimal digit key identifier (in the screenshot below it's 1C9771DB)
  14. Proceed to the Next step